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Access your rented equipment 

Step by Step guide on how to access the rented equipment and make sure you report any existing damage.

For a step by step guide on how to return your board: Return your rented equipment


Step 1

Send us a photo of your ID

If you haven't do so already, please make sure you have sent a proof of your ID to

Step 2

Open the padlock with pin code

We have sent you an email with detail access for your booking, including the location, the locker number and the pin code. (Please, check your spam folder if you think you have not received it)

Type the pin code and push the button with the padlock symbol (bottom right corner). You should here a beeping sound and see a green light.

Igloohome Padlock.png

Step 3

Take pictures of the equipment

Please take clear pictures of the entire item and send them to

 This process is mandatory to avoid extra changes

Step 4

Close the locker and enjoy!

Please make sure that the locker is closed padlock is correctly locked. If you leave your belongings, remember, you will need the pincode to access the locker again.
Don't forget to have fun!

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