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Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your First Surfboard – Beginners Edition

Surfboards aligned on the beach
Choosing a surfboard

Imagine the intoxicating thrill of riding your very first wave. Now, imagine that you're doing it on the perfect surfboard designed for your skill level and body type. Sounds amazing, right? This post is your ultimate guide to choosing your first surfboard, tailored especially for beginners.

**Read the Waves**

Before you buy a surfboard, it's essential to understand the type of waves you will be surfing on most frequently. Small, slow-moving waves call for longboards, while quick, larger waves may demand a shortboard.

**Soft-top or Hard-top?**

For beginners, a foam or soft-top surfboard is generally recommended due to its buoyancy, stability, safety, and forgiving nature. A fall onto a soft-top board is much less punishing than a hardboard.

**Consider Your Body Type**

Your height, weight and physical fitness play a significant role in determining the perfect surfboard for you. Larger, more stable boards are great for heavier or taller beginners while smaller ones demand a bit more balance, suitable for lighter or shorter surfers.

**Go Big**

When in doubt, go with a bigger surfboard. Bigger surfboards provide more stability, helping beginners get up on their feet and catch more waves.

**Understand the Elements**

Surfboard Elements like 'Rocker' (a curve from nose to tail), 'Rails' (edges of the board), 'Stringer' (line running down the middle of the board), the surfboard's 'Volume' and 'Fin' setup, are essential to understand and consider.

**Ask For Assistance**

Don't hesitate to ask for help. From surf shops who know their gear inside out to online forums filled with experienced surfers, there are many resources available for you.

Choosing your first surfboard is an exciting step in your surfing journey. Make an informed decision and soon enough, you'll be the one riding that exhilarating wave.

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