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Speaking Waves: Understanding Surfing Terminology and Slang


Aloha, surf enthusiasts! As you dive into the world of waves and winds, you would have heard the odd surf lingo that sounds like a totally different language. Well, every tribe has its lingo, and surfing is no exception! Let's unravel the wave-threads and get down to understanding surfing terminology and slang.

**Break**: A break is where the wave, well, breaks and begins to form a wave suitable for surfing.

**Dawn Patrol**: This refers to the first surf session of the day, usually at the crack of dawn.

**Epic**: Referring to exceptionally good surfing conditions.

**Glassy**: Smooth, clear water surface without wind, perfect for surfing.

**Hang Ten**: A longboarding technique where the surfer walks to the nose and literally hangs all toes over the nose of the surfboard.

**Lineup**: It's the area where surfers wait for waves, beyond the break.

**Shaka**: A traditional Hawaiian gesture of friendly intent often associated with surfing.

**Stoke**: The feeling of extreme happiness or excitement from surfing.

**Regular/Goofy**: regular footed surfers ride waves with their left foot forward, and goofy footed surfers ride waves with their right foot forward.

**Wipeout**: Falling off the surfboard or losing control while catching a wave.

And that’s not all, the surfing language is as vast and fascinating as the ocean itself. Slang and jargons change with regions and culture but the immense love for the sport remains constant, worldwide. So, get your stoke on, say Shaka to the lineup, and let the waves do the talking.

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