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Eco-friendly Surfing and Ethos: How to Enjoy the Waves While Protecting the Ocean

As surfers, we are incredibly fortunate to enjoy our sport in some of the most beautiful environments on earth. We share a special bond with the ocean and it requires us, more than anyone else, to lead by example in protecting it.

As part as Surf Republik Ethos, everything matters:

Apart from offering our best service possible we believe we are also making a little difference by encouraging and celebrating the use of public transport and therefore helping to reduce in a small percentage the number of cars near our lovely beaches.

In addition to that we believe gentrification is one problem that modern societies and cities have to face these days. Our service gives the opportunity to everybody to have a "hotspot" in the one of the most expensive places in the city.

We are always willing to help, if you think we can do something to positively contribute to the community, let us know, we are here to listen.

Eco-friendly surfing isn't just an option today, it's the only way forward:

**Choose Eco-friendly Gear**

Opt for surf gear made of sustainable materials. For instance, there are several surfboards available that are made of recyclable materials. Eco-friendly wetsuits made from natural rubber are also on the rise. Your gear choice can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

**Respect the Beach**

Always remember to leave the beach better than you found it. Collecting your trash and a little bit extra can help maintain the cleanliness and health of our beaches.

**Car Pool or Cycle**

Lessen your carbon footprint by carpooling with your surf buddies or cycling when you head to the beach. It's an excellent way to warm up before hitting the waves and it's better for the environment!

**Use Reef-Safe Sunscreen**

Many sunscreens contain chemicals that are harmful to coral reefs. Opt for ones that are biodegradable and/or labeled as 'reef-safe' to protect these fragile ecosystems.

**Support Ocean Conservation Efforts**

Donate to organizations focused on marine life conservation. Participate in beach clean-up drives. Make noise for the cause. The more we do, the more resonant our message becomes.

We owe massive respect to our beautiful oceans for letting us ride on their majestic waves. Transforming these essential habits into your surfing lifestyle means that you'll be enjoying the waves and keeping them clean and safe. This is the essence of eco-friendly surfing and it's the future we should all aim to surf towards.

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